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Title : PhotoFunia :: Celebrities
Url: http://photofunia.com/categories/celebrities

Features: Celebrities photo Face Effect, Hollywood Star Face Effects, Football Players Photo Effects, Photo effect with Barack Obama, Photo effect with Marilyn Monroe, Polaroid Dress, Applying Makeup, Angelina Jolie T-shirt, etc...

» Site Description :

PhotoFunia Celebrities photo Face Effect Hollywood Star Face Effects online Free
PhotoFunia Face effect is using face detection technology. Using this technology Angelina Jolie has got a T-shirt with your photo, Photo effect "makeup" by Hot Hollywood Celebrity, Photo effect with Paris Hilton holding your photo. And it seems that she is not likely to give it away, Try on exclusive polaroid dress - funny, fashionable, memorable celebrities logo Dresses, Parade - become an eye-catching girl from the famous carnival in Rio De Janeiro, Photo effect with Chris Pirillo, Photo frame with Edward Cullen form the "Twilight" saga, Photo effect with Brad Pitt, just select a photo for the autograph, Free photo frames - poster for the movie "Ca$h", Photo frame "Iron Man" - a character from the sci-fi action movie, Online photo effects for the ultimate soccer fans
Note: Please select a photo with well lit frontal face (a good example is your passport photo).
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