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Title : PhotoFunia :: Faces
Url: http://photofunia.com/categories/faces

Features: Face Effect, Funny Face, Vampire Face, Resident Evil (Shooting) Effect, cute cupid Face, Superman Face Effect, Bad Santa, Mona Lisa Face Effect, Wanted Wizard Photo Effect

» Site Description :
PhotoFunia Face Effect Funny animated Horror Photo Face Effects online Free
PhotoFunia Face effect is using face detection technology. Using this technology you can Become a vampire, Resident Evil (Shooting), The First Man on the Moon, Become a knight in seconds, Clown - happy smile, Xmas Cap - New Year photo effects - dress up for the holidays, Become a Zombie, Bunny Ears - Get yourself a pair of lovely bunny ears, Photo effects for fun, become Miss... you can choose any title imaginable!
Note: Please select a photo with well lit frontal face (a good example is your passport photo).

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