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Title : PhotoFunua : Magazines Movies TV Books Effect
Url1: http://photofunia.com/categories/magazines
Url2: http://photofunia.com/categories/movies

Features: Magazines Cover, Movies Poster, TV Frame, Book Front Page, Back Cover effect, Glossy magazine, Esquire magazine, Glamour magazine, Vogue magazine, Celebrities Poster, TV Prisoner, TV Girl effect, Vintage TV Sets, Classic Book photo Effect, Flipping Pages, etc...

» Site Description :
PhotoFunia Magazines Cover Movies Poster TV Frame Book Front Page Photo Effect online free
PhotoFunia Magazines Cover effect provide Template for a magazine cover photo, you can also create your own title, Place a photo on the back cover of the magazine. You can use this effect to place several photos on the pages of a magazine. Place your photo on the cover of the popular magazine! Place your photo in a glossy magazine, Esquire magazine, Vogue etc... Use this photo effect to place your photo on the cover of Esquire magazine. Become a hit with your photo on the front cover of Glamour magazine. Template for photoshop - place yourself on the cover of a magazine. Hand Lens - Photo effect of a photo in the book under a magnifying glass. Excellent photo effects for free - pictures in the book coming to life with the animation. Effect of a photo reproduction etc....
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