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Title : PhotoFunua : Drawings Frames Misc Vintage Effect
Url1: http://photofunia.com/categories/misc
Url2: http://photofunia.com/categories/drawings

Features: Romantic pencil drawing, Animated effect of pencil drawing, Portrait on the Wall, Oil painting Art Gallery, Pencil drawing (Sketch), Pavement Art, Street Artist effect, Watercolor effect, Classic Frame effect, Blackboard painting, Stencil a wall graffiti, Wall Painting, Portrait effect, Art Painting, Stitching effect, Christmas Tree Balls effect, etc...

» Site Description :
PhotoFunia Photo Drawings Photo Frames Vintage Effect online Free
PhotoFunia Drawings effect is using face detection technology to turn a photo into a pencil drawing in Photoshop using filters, blending modes, and multiple layers. PhotoFunia Drawings have some special effect as like Painter on the Bridge, Watercolours - Make a photo look more like a watercolor painting. PhotoFunia has its own street artist, who can draw anything you want on the sidewalk in just one click. The artist painting your portrait on the streets of Pisa. Use the the effect Pictures sale and you picture will appear in the center of Greece. Animated effect of pencil drawing. It looks like someone is drawing your portrait in real life. Art Gallery - Turn your photo into an oil painting form the Art Gallery. Sketch - This online photo effect will instantly turn your photo into a pencil drawing. Pavement Art - Let the pavement burts in colors! Just place there your favourite colorful image. Stencil - Funny photo effect of a wall graffiti. Portrait - No need to spend hours posing for a portrait. Just download your photo. Photo effect in the movie theatre. You are shown on the big screen etc....
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