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Title : ImageChef : Holidays
Url: http://www.imagechef.com/c/5989/Holidays

Features: Holiday Cards, Holiday photo Effect, Christmas tree effect, Gift Tag Ribbon, Bunny Princess effect, New Year Hat etc...

» Site Description :
ImageChef Holidays : Holiday Cards Holiday photo Effect Christmas tree effect
ImageChef Holidays : Ready to get started Free Digital Photo Card Effects for Holiday, end-of-year photo card and so many holiday card effects such as: Confetti Popper, Stars and Ribbons Text, Christmas Tree, Ribbons, Gift Tag Ribbon, Leaves and Branches, Christmas Ornament, Santa Bottom, Jolly Santa, Winter Diorama, Snowy Hill, New Years Ball Drop, Dreidel, Reindeer with Bells, Sparkle Ball, Holiday Cookies, Christmas Stocking, Turkey Day Game, Turkey Sign, Hand Turkey, Pumpkin Pie, Stars and Stripes Print, USA Map, Jack-o-lantern, Full Moon, Spooky Tree, Trick or Treat Bag, Color Burst, Bunny Love, Bunny Beat, Bunny Yelling, Bunny Princess, Bunny Lament, New Year Hat, Dyed Egg, Easter Basket, Easter Egg Hunt, Easter Egg, Matzo Chocolate, Zombie Hand, Horror Scene, Gravestone, New Years Balloons, Resolutions, Pot of Gold, Leprechaun, Clover, Irish Drink Coaster, Irish Clover etc...
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