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Title : Pop Art Poster: Become a pop icon!
Url: http://bighugelabs.com/popart.php

Features: Photo Effect, Pop Art Effect, Photo Poster Effect, Photo Panel Effect, False Color Version Photo Effect, 9 Panel Effect, 4 Panel Effect, 1 Panel Effect, Pop Icon Effects etc..

» Site Description :
Pop Art Poster Effect Pop icon False Color Version Panel Photo Effect
Pop Art Poster: Become a pop icon!Create a 9, 4, or 1-panel lo-fi, false-color version of one of your photos in the style of Andy Warhol's famous paintings of Marilyn Monroe. Turn yourself and your friends into pop art instantly! Just choose a photo, select a size, and it is instantly transformed. Every poster is unique. Click Shuffle to see a different version. Works with your photos hosted on Flickr or anywhere else.
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