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Title : Online tool to create sketch, painting, drawing, outline image effects.
Url: http://www.snapstouch.com/

Features: Pencil sketch, photo to sketch, photo to drawing, photo to sketch online, sketch my photo, image to sketch, photo to outline, photo to drawing, oil painting, online painting, online sketch, drawing, painting, sketch, outline

» Site Description :
Convert Photo to Sketch Painting drawing Photo Outline Single Shade image effect
free online tool to converts photo to sketch, pencil sketch, photo to drawing, photo to painting, photo to outline, photo to single shade etc..

Photo to Sketch : Have you ever given thought that you could sketch something and surprise your friends/loved one, so you are right in place to shade your imagination in an image effect. Snapstouch online image editor is free solution for this , you can create elegant sketch with no time.Here you don't need to be worry about the resolution.

Photo to Painting : Have you ever tried to be 'Leonardo Da Vinci', 'Raphael','Diego' and want to paint 'Mona Lisa', 'Starry Night', 'The Last Supper' for you or your loved one, try our online tool and paint anything what you want and create a painting in fraction of seconds.

Photo to Drawing : Here Snapstouch will give you an option to add an effect of drawing Drawing is an effect which appears as you have drawn something. Snapstouch gives very simple online tool to convert your photo to drawing effect.

Photo to Outline : If you want to convert your uploaded photo in outline, then this snapstouch effect fulfills your requirement. this effect convert your color image to Black & White outlines. This effect could be very useful if you are searching a tool which converts photo in outline.

Color image to single tone image : This tool adds some interesting feature to old black & white effect.You can convert your color image to single shade image. Snapstouch provides very simple tool to convert your color image to single tone, you can convert color image to black & white ,red & white , green & white , blue & white or combination of those colors, if you don't select any color then it will create black & white image.
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