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Title : FaceInHole.com : Sport Stars Face Effect
Url: http://www.faceinhole.com/

Features: Music Star Face effect, Pop Stat Face effect, Rock Star face effect, Female Singer, Male singer Face effect, Face with Britney Spears, Gaga Beyonce Dance face Effect etc..

» Site Description :
Music Stars pop and rock star face effect Put face on your favorite Music Stars
FaceInHole.com provide "Music stars photo face effect" such as you can easily put your face in your favorite Music stars body. With faceInHole you can easily and in a matter of second create totally new and amazing photo face effect with music star. If you like Britney or Jastine Biber or any other Music just choose your favorite stars and change your face with that star. There are so many scenario in Music star face effect such as:
The Rolling Stones, gitarist, Kirk Hammett, Britney Spears - Backout, rock star, Cheryl Cole - Fight For This Love, ABBA, K3, beyonc, Pedro Ruiz - El Pobre Perez, miley cyrus, Blink 182, Elvis Presley, Eminem - The Eminem Show, Hippie guitar, nirvana: kurt cobain, Cindy Lauper, Tina Turner, Gaga Beyonce Dance , ok go, A$AP Rocky, Shakira, Guitarist, Pedro Ruiz - El Pobre Perez, Carmen Miranda, Shakira, Tina Turner, beyonce, Hippie guitar, miley cyrus, Blink 182, Cindy Lauper, Hello? Is it me you're looking for, nirvana: kurt cobain, Elvis Presley, Eminem - The Eminem Show, jess and the jb band, Cheryl Cole, Lacuna Coil, selena gomez, Lazy Song, The Doors - Jim Morrison - wanted, Nathan James Sykes, NOAH BAND INDONESIA, Demi Lovato Guitarra, miss a, Village People, Eminem, Gareth and you, Ciara and YOU pt.2, Japanese girl with guitar, fab four, Elvis Presley, The Runaways, gerardway y yo , adam levine, Laura Pausini, Alexz Johnson, Recovery Eminem, Kurt Cobian, Grachi, Ville Valo, Guitar player, Roger Taylor I want to break free, Lady Gaga, Ciara and YOU pt.3, nin, Beyonce and Lady GaGa, Stevie and me, You as dave grohl, Destiny's Child, mambooooooooo, Joe and Nick, vanessa hudgens, ReGenesis, ROVI BOY, Danny Jones from Mcfly kiss you, by feehrjones, bob marley, BFF With Taylor Swift, The Cure, Chris and Kim, Ilona, retro artist, gamgnam style, Eurovision israel singer, cabelo, Pink, Wezzy and the birdman, Freddie Mercury etc.. You just have to select a scenario, upload and adjust a photo (or use your webcam) and there you have it; a great FACEinHOLE that you can send to your friends, post in your blog or make available to the world.
At FACEinHOLE.com your fun is our pay! this is totally and absolutely free! ...so go and have fun!
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