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Title : Edit-My-Pictures.com - Free online image editor
Url: http://edit-my-pictures.com/

Features: Color shift, Water color, Redscale image, Greenscale image, Bluescale image, Grayscale, Sephia effect, Invert colors, Lightning effect, Fire effect, Lake effect, Flag effect etc...

» Site Description :
Edit-My-Pictures.com - Free online image editor
Free online image editor, supports many cool effects like lake effect, some simple tools like resize, corp, filp, rotate, write text... all of these online
Edit-my-pictures was originaly designed for private use, but finally made it to the public as free online image editor.

Effect gallery
Color shift : This effect replaces red with blue, green with blue and blue with red. The image looks non-photographic.
Water color : image painted with water colors...
Redscale image : Red scale image effect is useful for images with big contrasts - image looks like from the hell.
Greenscale image : Just like red scale image is green scale image effect useful for images with big contrasts.
Bluescale image : This effect is useful for brighter images - colors become wery dark instead. (If you think, it is too dark change brightness Edit -> Colors -> Set brihtness).
Grayscale : Effect is useful for all types of image - especially if you want that image looks old.
Sephia effect : This effect is quite similar to grayscale effect - the colors are brown instead gray.
Invert colors: Very simple effect that inverses all image colors.
Lightning effect, Fire effect, Lake effect : Very popular animated effect, useful for smaller images (Max. 300x300). It may take quite much time (up to 30 seconds) to generate this effect so please be patient.
Flag effect : Animated effect useful for smaller (flag) images. It may take quite much time (up to 60 seconds) to generate this effect so please be patient.

How to edit pictures?

1. Upload image
Before you can start editing picture, you must upload it. You can choose between uploading from your hard drive, uploading from url address (if image is located somewhere on the internet) and uploading from edit my pictures (if you temporarily saved image here). You can edit jpeg, gif, png and bmp images. Other image types are not supported. Maximum file size is 3 megabytes.

2. Edit image
You have uploaded image. Now, you can start editing it. Choose what you want to do from drop down menus. Some effect may take a long time to process, but it is worth it! If you want effects to process faster, you should reduce its dimensions - that can be very useful, images will process up to 90% faster! If you made a mistake go to Edit -> Undo.

3. Save image
Images that you will edit here, will be deleted in 5 hours, so you shouldn't link image directly, but upload it to some free image hosting service. To host image with ImagePile go to File and click upload image to ImagePile. If you haven't done the work yet, then you can save image to edit my pictures. Image saved on edit my pictures will be stored in our database for 10 days. After that it will be deleted. We recomend, that you use the same password for all images, that you will use there, because if you forget the password, you can't get it back, and you won't be able to edit your picture any more.
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